Thank you for your interest in joining our Rotary club. Increasing membership is vital to a Rotary club's operations and community service activities. Clubs seek individuals who have the interest and ability to get involved in humanitarian projects.


Membership in a Rotary club brings with it many opportunities, such as:
- Becoming connected to your community
- Working with other like minded business leaders and professionals to address community needs
- Participating in Rotary's international humanitarian service efforts
- Establishing contact with an international network of professionals
- Developing leadership skills and assuming leadership positions


Rotary club membership is by invitation and club members must hold or be retired from a professional, proprietary, executive, or managerial position and live or work within the locality of the club or surrounding areas.

Membership invitations are also based on the classification principle, which helps ensure a cross-representation of the businesses and professions within the community. A classification describes either the principal business or professional service of the organization that the Rotarian works for, or the Rotarian's own activity within the organization. Examples of classifications include higher education administration, eye surgery, human resources, and pharmaceutical sales.

In addition, Rotary club membership carries with it certain responsibilities:
- Members are expected to attend weekly meetings of the club. There are various opportunities for making up missed meetings.
- Members are required to pay annual dues to their club, their district (an administrative unit of Rotary International), and to Rotary International.

Why Join Rotary?

Each Rotary club strives for a membership that is an up-to-date and progressive representation of its community's business, vocational, and professional interests. Membership in Rotary offers a number of benefits, including:

* Effecting change within the community
* Developing leadership skills
* Gaining an understanding of — and having an impact on — international humanitarian issues.
* Developing relationships with community and business leaders

Rotary membership is by invitation of local clubs. If you would like to be considered for membership by ourl Rotary club, complete a Prospective Member Contact Form Below:.


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